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What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a new, quick and efficient therapy in the field of good feeling, health, beauty and regeneration after sports. It is carried out in a cryo chamber, which with the help of liquid nitrogen with a temperature of -195°C is cooling air which is then blown into the chamber. The duration of a therapy is only 2-3 minutes.


The cryotherapy of the whole body activates a process in the brain which activates the freeing of adrenalin and endorphin into the blood circulation and because of this you will feel a sensation of happiness and strengthening. A defence mechanism in the body activates and accelerates the circulation of the blood and metabolism and consecutively increases the quantity of nutritive substances and oxygen in every healthy cell. The setting free of hormones and the blood circulation also increases.

The users report about efficient influences in case of chronical tiredness and depression, mood and sleep disturbances, improvements of skin problems, raise of the immune system, better results at losing weight, rheumatic syndromes, migraine, joint inflammations and regeneration after injuries and sports activities.

Be part of the cold revolution of well-being.
Process of cryotherapy
Why buy VIP cryochamber?
  • natural materials – wood
  • lower price
  • innovative principle of cooling the air
  • suitable for home, wellness, sport clubs, hotels, …
  • all operations are controlled by a computer
  • number of safety systems
  • improved materials inside of chamber
made in EU
Best testing results.
One of the best product for people being.

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